JBG offers inspection, cleaning, and re-lubrication of precision bearings used in critical applications. Our re-lubrication facility is certified by New Hampshire Ball Bearings, NMB Technologies Corporation, and Myonic. This certification assures our customers that, when a product is re-lubricated at our facility, the manufacturer stands behind that product.

We have hundreds of specialty lubricants available to meet your application requirements, including a complete line of MIL-SPEC oils and greases, an ultra-clean Class 6/ISO 14644 certified clean room, and Class 1 workstations for bearing lubrication, re-lubrication, and assembly. We can handle almost any bearing lubrication requirement, including vacuum oil impregnation of phenolic retainers and phosphorous bronze products; grease and oil plating for low-torque application; and high-temperature, low-torque seals. Refresh your expired inventory with documented traceability.