Specialty Fasteners
& Rings

The Jamaica Bearings Group is an authorized stocking distributor for Sargent Aerospace & Defense, including their Sonic Industries Division's products which include: fasteners, specialty bolts, fuse pins and close-tolerance machined products for commercial and military aircraft. Sonic is the industry leader and specializes in head-forged, precise, high strength threaded products manufactured from both standard and exotic materials. Our goal is to support the existing worldwide supply chain of Sonic parts and Sonic Boeing license agreement material. This allows us to bring Sonic's unique engineering and manufacturing capabilities to bear to create additional value-added solutions for our customers' existing and developing programs. The Jamaica Bearings Group and Sonic Industries engineering staff are standing by to assist you in offering a JBG/Sonic solution for reliability or quality challenges on existing airframe, landing gear, engine and LRU programs and to bring these same solutions to work for you in new programs.

Specialty Fasteners Products(click logo for company website)
  • Torque Belt
  • Standard
  • Special
  • Round Bar
  • Pawl Bolt
  • Hinge Pin
  • Fuse Pins